Why do you need to do sports with your loved ones?

Sport charges you with health, energy, positive and proud of yourselves. Why do not we share all these charms with the closest and loved ones? The best way to do this is to do pair workouts. They will help not only to transform both externally and internally, but also to learn a ukrainian women dating from a new side.

Sport with Pure Emotions

Joint training of couples is much more effective than family psychotherapy. In intensive physical activity, the body behaves in the same way as during love. The pulse quickens, breathing becomes frequent, and produced endorphins make us happy. When both partners experience similar sensations at the same time, this gives the relationship new colors. The objective benefits of joint sports are also not in doubt. The weight is normalized with due diligence and regularity. The body becomes more taut and flexible. All body systems become toned and even libido increases. By the way, if a couple sets a common goal to lose weight, then there is no better way than training together. Mutual support and sincere joy from each other’s achievements can work wonders. In addition, the gym is the best place to throw off the irritation accumulated during the day and thereby avoid violent family quarrels.

Body and Soul Exercises

What type of physical activity to choose? The main thing is that it gives pleasure to both partners and does not have any contraindications. Exercising of husband and wife outdoors is a great solution for energetic people. This may be morning jogging, cycling or rollerblading. If you are closer to the measured pace of exercise, practice yoga. Do not think that this is exclusively a female direction. Men will discover a lot of interesting things.

Paired yoga classes involve close contact. Partners in the literal sense should support each other, helping to perform different asanas.

Planning to work on the relief of the body engage in strength exercises, but only under the supervision of a trainer, since only he is able to select simulators and a set of exercises competently. For those who have problems with joints and the spine, there is a great alternative - aqua aerobics.

Joint training of a guy and a girl can take place in a dance class. Dynamic movements under Latin rhythms affect the body in the most favorable way.

Two as a Whole

If it's hard for you to decide what to do together, go to the gym. Here you can try different types of loads and choose the optimal one. Do not buy a subscription immediately, even for motivation. Start with 3-4 practice sessions to determine your direction.

Joint workout in the gym has own subtleties. After all, not all exercises are suitable for both partners. A woman is unlikely to be able to lift the barbell on a par with a man. And he, in turn, could hardly sit on the splits, even with the tenth attempt. Classes need to be structured in such a way that both partners are equally involved.

Pay particular attention to the warm-up. It is much more efficient to perform it not just synchronously, but interacting with each other. The treadmill is designed for joint training. Especially if you expect a race for a great distance. Crossfit for two will also be much more interesting. This is a non-stop circular training session, including squats, pushups, press-ups and exercises with projectiles. The most important thing here is to choose the right load and calculate the force.

Fitness in a Family Setting

In order for family activities to be productive, relieve the evening from extraneous affairs in advance. Put on comfortable clothes, lay mats on the floor and turn on dynamic music.

Start your workout with a light warm-up, going down from the neck muscles to the feet. Then proceed to the main complex. Exercises for the press are the easiest things you can think of. The wife lies on her back, puts her hands behind her head and performs body rises. The husband at this time holds her legs and watches the technique of execution, after which they change places.

Such an exercise perfectly trains the back muscles. The wife lies on her stomach, closes her hands in the lock behind the head, and the husband fixes her ankles. The task is to flex the back as much as possible, spreading your elbows to the sides.

To work out the muscles of the chest and arms will help push-ups with an emphasis on the palm. Standing facing each other, the partners join their palms, keeping their arms straight. One bends the arms in the elbows, while the other provides reliable support.

Joint sport activities can be much more productive, more interesting and more fun than singles. The main things are the mutual desire, the right motivation and a positive attitude. Such exercises will bring tangible benefits to the body and help you look at each other with completely different eyes.