Romantic relationships affect the figure of women

Love is a feeling that makes men and women alike, even if only for a while. It turns out that romantic love sweeps the differences between us.

Your heart is about to burst. With manic persistence, you constantly check mail to find out if there are any new messages from your beloved. If the message is, reading it, you analyze each word, trying to find in it the hidden meaning. Wherever you are, you re-read the message over and over again, and you feel indescribable joy. Everything in it seems perfect to you. All night you spend together, have sex, talk. But, despite this, the next day you work as if you slept all night and ate three breakfasts. What is the matter with you? Nothing in terms of medicine. You are in love!

Love is an instinct that is as basic to our survival as thirst or hunger, because it forces us to communicate with each other. We fall in love because we like it, and the future depends on the pleasantness of sensations. The theory that love is a biological instinct is quite logical. The idea that our biology makes us fall in love with each other explains why life can be so terrible without love. We are all romantics in our hearts. The key to human love is related to the interaction of chemicals in the body

At the time of the beginning of a romantic relationship is a reasons to date a nerd, a woman reduces in weight from 2 to 5 kilograms.

Scientists have proven that love relationships affect the figure of women. The weight of the man, in turn, also does not remain stable.

British scientists observed three thousand women. Some of them were in relationships, and some were not. The result showed that at the moment of the rise of a romantic relationship, a woman is reducing her weight from 2 to 5 kilograms. This is due to the natural excitement and desire, as much as possible, to like a man. Changes also occur when relationships in a couple stabilize. During this period, a woman, however, like a man, begins to gain kilos, with approximately the same progression as they lost. This is due to the presence of stress in family life. Rarely, this happens in view of getting used to new relationships. Relaxing, a person is no longer so strongly worried about losing a loved one. Another stress is the preparation for the wedding, which can significantly affect the weight of the partner.

Still there are not so many men who like fleshy girls. The image of a slim girl is a social product. Girls feel great social expectations and frameworks and therefore measure their data with the public "standards". The idea of attractiveness and self-worth is very important for selfesteem. From this, some girls may be overly concerned with their forms, searching for various "flaws". To get rid of prejudice and become independent is very difficult.

Since childhood, the girl is taught that she is responsible for her appearance. All those who come to visit will definitely ask if she has a boyfriend, say what a beautiful dress she is wearing, give a doll with a standard figure and three dresses. Later she will be faced with the fact that any of her words can be discounted by the absence of the right appearance or boyfriend. She can have any level of intellect and erudition, but it is worthwhile to enter into an argument or just express your point of view. She will run into comments, like “you are fat”, “nobody loves you”, “nobody needs your rich inner world”.