The Veteran Project: Mentorship from working professionals By Patrick Cooney
The idea behind this project is to give U.S. Veterans a place to go where they can connect with professionals working in a field of their interest to get some form of mentoring. Whether it's advice on where to start or full-fledged dedicated mentoring. Many returning veterans held "jobs" (MOS) that don't translate directly to civilian careers. My goal is to provide people to those veterans who can help them gain the skills needed to get a job in a field they are interested in whether they've had previous experience with it or not. Currently I'm trying to build the entire thing by myself which means I have to first waste time learning a server side programming language to build the backend. Were I to win, the prize the money would go toward (1) hiring a small staff of 2-3 who could help me implement the idea in a much timelier manner (2) hosting costs (3) legal matters including setting up a non-profit organization (which is surprisingly expensive to do) to control and run the website.