Collaborative Community Cafe and Garden By Sean Hirshberg
The Dinner Garden and Pet Pals of Texas are joining forces in San Antonio, TX to create a collaborative pet-friendly cafe and community garden which will employ folks with disabilities and teach people to cook and garden. That's two non-profits working together to build a meeting spot that will fund our missions while allowing us to expand our services. We share the common mission of improving and empowering the less fortunate. The Dinner Garden's mission is to teach people to garden and provide free vegetable seeds, so they can feed themselves and their families. The community garden and kitchen will allow us to teach folks to garden, harvest food, and cook it. Pet Pals of Texas helps disabled and terminally ill people keep their family pets because those pets provide a better quality of life for their families. The community garden and kitchen will employ disabled people and provide a supportive and accessible meeting spot and restaurant for Pet Pals' clients to bring their pets.