"Children's Menu" Restaurant NYC By Kevin Hughes
Who says getting older means you can't enjoy chicken tenders or mac & cheese? This restaurant indulges every adult's dream of a kid's food menu coma, but uses locally sourced, fresh and thoughtfully prepared food. Whether it's 2 am and you're scouring the city for something divine or you're looking for a fun place to take your friends for food and drinks, The Children's Menu is a crowd pleaser. Chicken tenders here will be the best you've ever tasted, with different options for preparation (would you like them baked?) as well as unique dipping sauces for amping up the flavor. As you dip, you'll be overcome with nostalgia as you think of the days of yore- and yet- you won't be able to help admitting that this food is just SO much better than that! Be sure to top off your night with a banging homemade ice cream sandwich or a nice hunking slice of chocolate cake. Children's food for the adult palate. Bon Apetit!