It's not a Murse! It is just a bag... By Keith Kirkland
There is a huge upsurge in the number of men becoming interested in carrying bags. As we make strides forward, the idea of the male-purse or "Murse" and the propagation of similar ideas is one of the biggest obstacles to developing the under-served men's bag market. The goal of Blacksmith & Cobbler is to transform the conversation that men have with carrying bags. At the end of the day, a bag is just a way for people (including men!) to carry things that are important to them. We will craft a range of men's bags that meet at the intersection of form and function. Our focus is creating a product of old-world quality, exceptional craftsmanship and innovative design. With $100,000, I will be able to purchase space and equipment to build a full sample-making studio, develop a complete collection and create a space to showcase collections. We will also develop craftsmen and artists by using the space to teach bag-making, promote artist works and showcase special collaborations.