The Ketel Conference - A Gentleman's Affair By Mike Dukes
Imagine an annual conference where gentleman of all ranks can come together to create and share their idea's in a setting that promotes the self-respect and intellectual refinement which manifests itself within the unrestrained yet delicate manners of every gentleman. The KETEL CONFERENCE will promote men in their respective industries that promote health, wellness, and the true swagger of a gentleman. The best bespoke Fashion, the newest and most original Music being performed by artists like Will.I.Am, Pittbull, and DipLo who define the idea of 'Fashion loves Music' & Businessmen that are looking to promote the lifestyle through their respective brands. The KETEL CONFERENCE is with which birth & circumstances have nothing to do. It's incapable of strict definition.. just to say, 'to behave like a gentleman' may mean little or much. 'to spend money like a gentleman' may even be no great praise. but 'to conduct business like a gentleman'? That Implies a higher standard. // Ketel One