The key to our country's success. By Ray Taguchi
America's weak economy, rise in dysfunctional families, and the cracking of societies morals can be traced to how we educate our children, parents, and teachers. Teachers need programs and funding to be able to attend workshops that push for more creativity, innovation, and critical thought. Teaching is the profession that creates all others so we need to educate teachers to change their thinking, lesson plans, approaches to accomodate today's child. Ideas like K.H.A.N. Academy are what teachers need training and access to. Ideas like these that preach new educational ideas like inverted classrooms are a must! By doing so we'll empower and inspire better educated and motivated students to branch out into the workforce ready to compete with the world. As for parents more programs are needed to educate them that the only way all these new ideas will work is through more support and help from the home front. Showing parents "how" to do so is needed instead of simply telling them to do so.