Carl Cans Hunger By Melanie Lawler
Carl Cans Hunger is a business that was started and is run by students at a local community college. The students design, source and sell environmentally friendly products that promote hunger awareness. 85% of the profit is then given to Feeding America Charities while the club and the retailer split the proceeds. The project was launched with $300. With $100,000 we could seek to become a distributor through Wal-Mart and expand the product line. Students in the project are "apprenticed" to mentors to learn the craft of entrepreneurship. This project meets all three of the criteria for this contest. It is entrepreneurial, builds craftsmanship and is philanthropic. For more information on Carl Cans Hunger, please visit: I hope that you can see the value of this project, how it has already been tested and mildly successful in its pilot and is now seeking funding to take the project to the next level.