TrendSeeder – Don’t Follow Trends… Set Them By Vikas Patel
TrendSeeder is an e-commerce site that provides a platform for up-and-coming designers to reach fashion-forward consumers seeking exclusive limited-edition couture. It presents an opportunity for designers to establish themselves in an industry that has not historically been a champion for the new entrant, often opting to instead perpetuate the standing of more widely recognized brands and labels. And it provides consumers everywhere who desire to be on the leading edge of the fashion scene access to exclusive, limited-edition, curated designs. Creating an environment for these two groups to connect creates value and opportunities for both parties; a core tenet in TrendSeeder’s philosophy. The website will feature a design created exclusively for TrendSeeder by the designer, along with an editorial capturing the designer’s vision and inspiration. Further, designers featured on TrendSeeder will produce most of their pieces locally, helping to bring manufacturing back to the USA.