I thought Ketel One was Polish By Daniel Kaneshiro
I recently lost that bet to a friend, but that's okay I'm usually wrong about a lot of things. The one thing I wouldn't want to be wrong about? Mixing up my Dad's medications. My Dad passed away in January, but leading up to that was about 5 trips to the ER not to mention scheduled operations and treatments beginning in 2010. Even before that my Dad was regularly taking about 8-10 different medications for different ailments. He had cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, not to mention cholesterol, arthritis, and whatever. I share all this because there were 2 blaring problems I experienced during that time. 1. I had no way of tracking and identifying all the dozens of medication he was taking, especially during those emergency hospital visits where they ask you for a list of all his medications and 2. I was always afraid that when they switched medications or increased dosage of one, how it might affect the other medication or if there might be an adverse reaction.