The Four Seasons By David White
Our family has tried to think of a great business idea for quite a while. I am just one of several families that I know, where the man works all the time, our wives take care of the home and kids, and every one of us are struggling financially and in pretty much every aspect of our lives. Our family and friends would like to join forces, bringing all our skills and experience in to create the ultimate business. We love the idea of running a business together, because we get to spend time together and actually raise our kids together. We love the idea of the "family run business." We would like to somehow incorporate different things into one business. We would like to have family friendly activities like go carts and a petting farms, with stores, restaurants etc, but somehow make it work for all the seasons, We could do hay rides in the fall, and go carts in the summer and so on. It may be a little out there, but we even wanted to have oil change and small engine repairs incorporated