Safe Homes for Child Trafficking Victims By Blair Corbett
Our nonprofit Ark of Hope for Children emotionally helps abused children via internet worldwide. We want to build a safe harbor community for child trafficking victims as well. Most go to detention or foster care, or to jail or back to the streets. We have a plan to help them become rehabilitated, self reliant adults. They suffer from many problems due to severe abuse and trauma. They are being rescued, but to places that are not prepared to help them, and don't understand how. Our government says the biggest problem is safe and qualified housing once rescued. We have artistic architectural drawings for our community but we need to take the next steps. As a Gentleman myself and in the spirit of this opportunity from Ketel One and GQ; What greater way to show the stark contrast between abusive men and Gentlemen than for this Gentleman's Call: In Pursuit of an Idea that Matters to fund a large portion of a community of safety for child trafficked and abused young people?