D|D|M is a simple subscription model using social media to make DREAMS come true. Individuals pay a $20/mo membership fee, and submit one daydream/subscription they hope to come true- be it for them or other[s], the possibilities are endless. The “Day Dreams” would be randomly selected with two paired each day for voting [Mon-Fri]. Members vote once each day on the DREAMS they support. The project is similar to “KickStarter” as no money is collected until a significant amount of dreams are funded. Each member submits a “Daydream” and monetary figure for their dream. The random selection then pairs relatively equal monetary dreams together, so the funding is easily accounted. If D|D|M gets just 5% of GQ’s avg online monthly audience, that supports roughly $3M/mo. of DREAMS, with potential of of over $36M/yr in DREAMS for roughly 260-Dreamers! This forum and voice for every member allows them to take time out of their daydreams and make some one else’s come true. Cheers!