The Future, in Advance. By Bill Patterson
Historically, the success of a nation and it's accomplishments have been gauged by how technologically advanced we've become. Arguably, there's never been more speculation and hype surrounding 'what is next?' and inevitably 'when?' and 'how do we obtain it?' For those out there who revel in the latest, whether it's the newest smart phones or even smart cars, I propose a technology subscription service. Rather than waiting in line to drop $500+ on the next release of a smart phone, you can join this VIP subscription service, wherein you pay a monthly fee (similar to a lease, but with user perks) that will guarantee you have the latest hardware, and you will get it sent to you in advance of the public. (Your old one is sent back, refurbished and recycled for those less-connected.) The premium you pay monthly not only includes the hardware, but also free access to the top 25 most popular apps, free tech support, free replacement, and a major music subscription service.