Stacking the Odds: Being a Gentleman and a Father By Chris Piper
A man's man can run into some real problems with his lifestyle. Fast success, a reputation to uphold, the women, oh all those women. It can all coming toppling down like a house of cards with one night of imperfection - let it be a Windsor knot that went wrong, ordering Goose instead of Kettle at the lounge or mistaking the two 5's in the bar for the one 10. A gentleman, in true fashion woos and wins over the woman, taking her home for a night between the sheets. Nine months later that gentleman now has a new title. Daddy. This in unfamiliar territory for the gentleman and the ultimate lack of support out there for single fathers is as embarrassing as a failed prostate exam, because your dentist performed the exam. Men need a grass roots movement to support men's issues in family law courts throughout the world and counseling (so that nightly Kettle One dirty, on the rocks, two bleu chesse stuffed olives drink doesn't turn into a nightly 5th wrapped in a brown paper bag.