The Plus One Job Creation Act By Phillip Meek
You hear about it everyday - The economy is in ruins, the unemployment lines are long, and money is tight all around. My idea is for existing companies to hire one more employee all than they are currently hiring or not hiring. Most companies are operating under capacity as it is because they're maximizing profits. Depending on the company and the level of hire - the government can provide tax incentives while companies can offer their employees incentives to spend a proportion of their earnings into local community businesses. The biggest ideas often start small, and the small towns have been hit the hardest. I'm not offering this idea just for the chance to win money, but for the hope someone else sees the simplicity in how amazing of what this could blossom into. I would use my earnings to invest in business opportunities that would create more jobs. Wealth is a gift that desires to be shared and generosity is what will build this country back up.