Feed Every Person on Earth & Eradicate World Hunger By Selena Norris
It’s simple: Turn 100K into $30 bil/year over the next decade to solve world hunger. Build a campaign challenging fortune 500 companies, top 200 billionaires, and every willing person in the world to come together and donate a combined $30 billion together to solve world hunger this year and each year for the next 10 years. According to a recent article in the LA Times, “The United Nations estimates that it would take at least $30 billion per year to solve the food crisis, mainly by boosting agricultural productivity in the developing world.” $30 billion a year sounds like a lot, however, if you break it down by person in the world, it amounts to a measly $5 per year.If we combined corporate gifts with a public donations, we could reach this goal. The 100K would be used promote this cause and recruit volunteers to calculate requested amounts and build a grassroots social media campaign to do what was once thought to be impossible. Through the power of technology we can make history.